Meghalaya Police's Witty Tweet on 'Rasna' as Drugs Impresses Netizens, Other Times Police Departments Creatively Trolled Drug Peddlers

Riddhi Jadhav

The police departments everywhere have a tough job to solve crimes and keep the law and order of the place in check. All departments have been stressed out as they constantly entangle crime cases. But the social media accounts of some of these police departments in India are too impressive. The latest example being the Meghalaya Police Department who made a witty tweet about Rasna powder being sold as drugs. In fact, drug abuse and drug pedalling are one of the common problems that all the police departments are trying to curb. The drug pedalling issue has been seen across all states and police departments, be it Meghalaya, Assam or Mumbai have used their best of creativity to spread awareness or give a warning. UP Police Takes the FaceApp Challenge With an Important Road Safety Message (Check Tweet).

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While Mumbai Police's Twitter account is known for its creative campaigning, other state departments like Rajasthan, UP, Assam seems to have picked on the chance to impress the netizens via their social media. Meghalaya city police made a smart tweet on Shillong drug peddlers who are selling drugs as Rasna drink powder. Making people aware of these dealers fooling the clients the Meghalaya police wrote, "If you just got 'Rasna Ripped' off by your drug peddler, you know where to report." They attached a picture of the Rasna powder which is being sold as drugs. The tweet has impressed netizens.

Check Meghalaya Police's Tweet on Drug Peddlars:

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Isn't it funny? This tweet reminds us of the time when Assam Police too used a similar resort to report about the seizing of 600 Kgs of marijuana. Using sarcasm in their tweet, they wrote, "Don't worry, we found it." Rajasthan Police go Mission Mangal Way to Advise Road Safety.

Check Assam Police's Tweet on Seizing Marijuana:

Meanwhile, the Mumbai Police Twitter account is by now a favourite account of not Mumbaikars alone but everyone on the internet. The latest trends, funniest memes, social media challenges or the oncoming events, all are tabbed upon to give messages to the people. So coming to the issue of drug peddling, the Mumbai Police Twitter had a campaign for #SayNoToDrugs. In fact, time and again they creatively give out the messages against drugs.

Check Mumbai Police's Tweet on Drugs and Drug Abuse:
Snake and Ladders

No Superheros only zeros

Here's Another Example:

While these are tweets that highlight the issue and create awareness, the Mumbai Police Twitter account is also aware of what the celebrities are tweeting. So in one instance when actor Uday Chopra tweeted about legalising marijuana, they replied to him that consumption of drugs may invite harsh actions.

These are a few examples, but it goes on to show how the social media departments of these police divisions are using the medium creatively. Using a little bit of sarcasm and creative campaigns, police departments are giving out the message in a manner that the audience would get it.