Meet young dynamic entrepreneurs Sudha Yadav and Akhil Kumar

Sneha Das
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Meet young dynamic entrepreneurs Sudha Yadav and Akhil Kumar
Meet young dynamic entrepreneurs Sudha Yadav and Akhil Kumar

15 Feb 2021: Meet young dynamic entrepreneurs Sudha Yadav and Akhil Kumar

Since the last few decades, social media has become a need for everyone. Today, all artists and brands are in search of a marketing person who can handle their accounts on social media platforms, and for that, you need experts.

Sudha Yadav and Akhil Kumar are such Digital Marketing experts who claim to know the A to Z of digital media.

Details: A brief about the young entrepreneurs

Sudha is a 20-year-old young woman entrepreneur and digital expert hailing from the small town of Rewari, Haryana. She is the CEO and founder of Digital Guruji - a premier Digital Marketing Agency.

Akhil is a 23-year-old e-commerce player hailing from the outskirts of Alwar, Rajasthan.

He claims to be the face behind the various ad shoots of renowned international organizations.

Techniques: Sudha and Akhil are known for their creative, unique techniques

With creative techniques and out-of-box ideas, Akhil is working toward transforming the Digital Marketing world.

He was also involved in political campaigns of various political parties at the state and national levels.

Sudha is known in the Digital Marketing world for her unique business techniques. She has helped hundreds of start-ups, MSMEs, artists, and Bollywood celebrities to interact with audiences in the virtual world.

Fact: Duo believes that for continuous growth, one shouldn't stop learning

The duo believes that for continuous growth one should not stop learning and should keep themselves updated with the emerging trends of the digital world. Akhil and Sudha have emerged as smart Digital Marketing experts who deliver work with greater efficiency in the stipulated period.

Journey: Sudha started her journey in digital world as a freelancer

A few years back Sudha had started her journey in the digital marketing world as a freelancer and since then she has been achieving new heights every day.

She has worked with several artists and production houses; she has expertise in predicting which new techniques will supersede the recent ones in the digital world.

Fact: Akhil's life secrets and success mantra

In a recent interview on Digital Guruji, Akhil shared some secrets of his life and success mantras that an influencer needs to remember to build their brand online.