Meet Vishnu, the Kerala Photographer Who Shot to Fame By Hanging Upside Down From a Tree


There are several ways to show commitment to the job you love, hanging upside down from a tree is one of them.

This holds true at least for the Kerala photographer who recently climbed to fame after he hung from a tree to give a pair of newlyweds the perfect wedding photograph.

A photo of Vishnu Whiteramp's antics was recently posted by a Facebook user Rejoy Benny which showed Vishnu effortlessly climbing a tree and balancing upside down from a branch to get the top angle shot of Shaiz Robert and Navya Jose.

Later a video clip surfaced on Twitter, which for obvious reasons went viral with thousands of retweets.

When you wanted to become Spider-Man to fight crime but ended up becoming wedding photographer due to parental pressure.

— Pakchikpak Raja Babu (@HaramiParindey) April 18, 2018

The dedication shown by Vishnu has now earned him a title-- "vavval" (bat in Malayalam), reports The News Minute.

(Photo credits: Vishnu Whiteramp / Facebook)

Narrating the story behind the viral video to The News Minute, the 23-year-old photographer says, “After the wedding, we were shooting outside the groom’s house. When I saw a tree in front of his house, I suddenly had an idea of taking a photograph from a top angle. When I told the couple, they said okay and so I climbed the tree and attempted the click.”

But was he satisfied with the final result? Apparently not.

"I had a frame in my mind to capture a top angle view... I have to do something more, so I'm not satisfied," he told NDTV.

As for social media, they too now want a similar photograph for their wedding.

If my best friend doesn’t do this for me for my future wedding, it’s all over 😂 this is dedication and commitment.

— Advocate for the sunshine (@BeTeEs4ever) April 19, 2018