Meet the Bengaluru barber who just bought a Rs 3.2 crore Maybach car


Barbers are not known for making humungous amounts of money. But one such owner of a hair saloon in Bengaluru has done so well for himself that he is now the owner of a Rs 3.2 crore Mercedez-Maybach luxury car.

Meet Ramesh Babu, the Garden City’s answer to Vidal Sassoon. But Babu’s riches have not all come from snipping and styling tresses for which, by the way, he charges Rs 75 per ‘head’.

Babu’s main source of wealth has been his high-end garage that rents out swanky cars. His fleet includes a Rolls Royce, 11 Mercedes, 10 BMWs, three Audis and two Jaguars.

His latest acquisition is the Mercedes-Maybach S600 with a super powerful V12 engine. After businessman Vijay Mallya and another builder, Babu is the third owner of the luxury car in Bengaluru.

“God is with me and I have worked hard to reach here. My dream is to buy every luxurious car available. And after Rolls Royce, now it’s the Mercedes-Maybach. Driving this is a thrill,” he says.