Meet the New Tech Startup Finding Scientific Solutions to Nature’s Problems

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City living has never been healthier thanks to an innovative new tech startup that’s blending science and nature in a bid to identify effective solutions to day-to-day weariness. Based in London, The Good Mood Co team is well placed to understand the challenges faced by today’s city dwellers who live, work, and play in polluted, stressful, and pesticide-filled environments. With such stressors being shown to interfere with the body’s natural functions, The Good Mood Co offers recovery packs that tackle stressors known to slow the body down.

The Good Mood Co has designed and developed the UK’s very first complete recovery pack for city dwellers, featuring 36 active, natural plant extracts such as lemon balm, liquorice, lavender, and fennel seed. The pack forms a more targeted solution to burnout than standard store-bought multivitamins. Taking a ‘mood, memory, focus’ approach to wellness, The Good Mood Co aims to help those living in busy, built up urban areas to reduce – and even eradicate – feelings of being ‘drained’ through boosting sleep, gut health, and cognitive function; the key elements of physical and mental recovery.

Luna Irshaid, Founder of The Good Mood Co and one of the UK’s rising female entrepreneurs said, “Ask any Londoner if they’re struggling to sleep, if they feel sluggish, and if they’re experiencing high levels of stress, and the answer will almost always be yes, and we know it’s the same for those in cities all across the world. And perhaps one of the biggest problems today is that there are so many companies pushing their own agendas that it’s increasingly difficult for people to understand what solutions work, and which ones don’t.

“That’s exactly why we’ve launched The Good Mood Co, to cut through all the noise and bring science and nature together to create proven, effective, and safe solutions to one of today’s biggest problems.”

The Good Mood Co is dedicated to taking a science-based approach to combating the problems of modern living, working closely with some of the country’s leading researchers and medical professionals to identify natural solutions that have a big impact. The startup is supported by UCL Innovation and Enterprise and has experienced rapid growth as part of the Hatchery Startup Incubator.

The complete recovery packs designed and created by The Good Mood Co are available to purchase now, direct from the website. Products are made in Britain in GMP-certified facilities, and can be delivered all over the world. A digital solution is also in development to offer health hacks and lifestyle tips on demand.

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Launched in 2020, The Good Mood Co is dedicated to improving health through technology, focusing on digitalising nutraceuticals and finding natural, eco-friendly solutions to common everyday problems. Supported by UCL Innovation and Enterprise, the team works closely with the UK’s leading research facilities and medical professionals – including neurologists, nutritionists, and sleepologists – to bring the power of nature to everyone.

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