Meet the preening Australian bird being compared to Donald Trump...only cuter and with larger 'wings'!

Nupur Jha
Australian bird, bush stone-curlew, narcissistic, cute,

This self-admiring pretty little Australian birdie loves to admire its good looks!

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This narcissistic bush stone-curlew bird stops by this store to watch its reflection every day, a BBC report stated.

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This cutester was noticed by Caitlin Raynor, a wildlife expert, who felt that this bird might feel awkward when people notice it admiring its reflection; so she added a note on the window that stated:

"I'm a bush stone-curlew, I'm fine. I just like to stare at myself in the window."

This self-adoring bird gained a lot of attention on social media and became an internet sensation in Australia, and across the world.

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People on Twitter are even comparing this bird to US President Donald Trump and posting comments like:

Twitter/ Gary Harry Harrison

Twitter/Jay Vanderpool

Some social media users are even complimenting the bird, calling it a 'rockstar'. Some even tweeted about this hotshot stating:

"Narcissus of the bird set," wrote one person on Twitter.

"It isn't only we vain & self-centred humans who like to gaze upon ourselves," another Twitter user wrote.

Australian bird, self admiring, cute,

Some university students have even started a page on Facebook which shares funny memes and posts about the bird.

Check this adorable video out: 

YouTube/ Bravo Collection

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