Meet Our Oldest Romeos Before you Say ‘Hi’ to the Anti Romeo Squad

Romeo and Juliet, an eternal love story that has had many renditions. He has been the ultimate symbol of unrequited love and yet, in the Indian context, our ‘Romeo’, ends up connoting a negative meaning.

It is the name given to the over-zealous, jobless, non-consent loving lovers who can go to any extent to catch that one fleeting look from their lady-love.

Popular culture has modeled these Romeos and given them many varieties. Here are some that you would relate well with too!

Road-Side Romeo

The creepy crawly guys who cling on unnecessarily. They do not understand consent obviously, neither do they back-off when their love interest is dissing them. They’re the saddest category and we have no sympathies for this gang!

(Photo: The Quint)

Bada Romeo Ban Raha Hai?

Such is the category of those who take a strong decision of telling their love interest the fact that they love them. But, the world dissuades them, and eventually they chicken out. They are the brooders, the procrastinators and the easy detractors. More like this:

(Photo: The Quint)


This is the over-zealous category. The ones who talk more, act more but the ‘productive action’ is negative. These are the ones who build castles in the air, woven stories which have all but been false. Here’s a champion:

(Photo: The Quint)

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