Meet King Tony, The Young Entrepreneur & Fashion Icon Of South Florida

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King Tony is a young entrepreneur from Miami, FL that is making a lane for himself in the fashion industry. King Tony who’s real name is Juan, was born October 31, 1991 in Cuba. He was raised there until he was 14. In 2005 his family migratedfrom Cuba to Miami, FL. In Miami, King Tony connected with famous DJs and artist like DJ nano and Michael Jaay.

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His cuban heritage, and Miami night life, inspired him to express himself through his style. King Tony has become a fashion icon in South Florida. King Tony wears clothes that bring out the flavor from his cuban roots, music inspirations and the Miami party scene. He was able to create a lane for himself and is now helping others express themselves through fashion. He believes a part of feeling good, is looking good. Be on the lookout as he continues to grow his life & style and as he begins to invest in new business ventures all 2021.


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