Meet Karim Haddad, rising high with his astute skills in UAE’s real estate sector as a consultant and advisor

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His grit, passion and dedication have allowed this real estate professional to attain greater heights of success in the field.

As we look around us, we realize how different industries across nations have been evolving even amidst the pandemic. On one end, where many businesses had to lay off people, on the other end, there are sectors that have only shown constant growth in one way or the other. When it comes to Dubai or the UAE as a whole, it is all about massive skyscrapers and luxurious properties that touch the skyline of the country. The real estate sector of the UAE has been on a consistent rise, which has allowed many real estate professionals to come at the forefront of the industry. One such rising name in the field is Karim Haddad who is making a unique name for himself across the industry as one of the leading real estate consultants and luxury real estate advisors, working for Harbour Real Estate, based in Dubai.

Looking at the constant rise of the real estate sector in UAE, it is essential to understand what could be the trends in real estate for the year 2021, which in all probabilities can dominate the space, believes Karim Haddad.

  • Increase in the number of investments: Though the pandemic slowed down businesses and many industries; Karim Haddad is of the opinion that still investments were increasing amidst these trying times. The reason probably is the trust that buyers have on real estate that it will give them better returns in the future. People have realized the value of properties and luxury homes and hence, increased their investments in the same for either renting, leasing or building their dream homes.

  • Choosing homes at modest rates: Since there is a rise in investments in real estate, many buyers have shown interest in choosing homes or luxury properties that fit well in a modest budget, so that at economical rates they can get nearer their home dreams, says Karim Haddad. People have also become aware of the various benefits they can get like lower GST rates, low-cost home loans and other benefits.

  • Selecting unique amenities: Karim Haddad believes that the modern-day buyers look out for all those things that can make their home a fulfilling experience for them. For this, they search for great amenities as well as great locations. Buyers are interested in investing in spaces that offer them serenity as well as world-class amenities.

Karim Haddad is a growing name in Dubai’s real estate world who has given his services as a consultant and luxury real estate advisor through the leading firm Harbour Real Estate, turning the dream home goals of people into reality. To know more about him, follow him on Instagram

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