Meet India's pleasant personality, Darshan Sankhala, who is more than a film maker

How can you define an influencer? Well in internet terms you might say A person who is popular with his lifestyle do branding of the companies can be called as an influencer or Influencer marketer. Now the second one is more reliable as we feel Influencer should be a person who can influence people to do good things in life, his lifestyle his post and all on social media accounts should motivate others to improve their own experience.

We usually don't find many influencers in India on the online platform. But we found one who is exceptionally gifted and blessed with amazing qualities. He is Raipur's star Darshan Sankhala A man who we can call as a proper influencer of India. Darshan Sankhala is involved in many things from Bollywood to Business, As a motivator and award-winning personality of India. His work list is significant; it feels like he is everywhere.

Darshan Sankhala is known for his lifestyle and his work from many years now. He is a different kind of personality, not a conventional type. He has the habit of trying new things in life, and he mastered himself in whatever he does in life.

Very few know that Darshan is a part of B-town of from a very long time, he has came many a time as anchor on television with top celebrities like Anup jalota, Suresh wadkar, Grammy award winner Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Ravindra Jain, Kailash Kher, raja Hasan, Sunil pal, Shaan, hatiprasad chaurasia, ronu Majumdar, Shekhar sen, many more.

Darshan received Mumbai Global achiever award 2017, and he has many other awards on his name. Darshan Sankhala is the world record holder Fastest hand shooke, Golden book of world record. He is part of associated with much International organisation like JCI, BNI, JITO. He is a very dynamic personality. Actually, he has to be because he is involved in many things. In a short time, he has made his name huge with his work all over India.

Darshan's popularity on social media platforms like Instagram is growing at a rapid pace. And why not when you are involved so many things people will definitely follow you. Many celebrities follow him closely because every post is an inspiration and motivation to others, and it is helping others to improve in their life.

You might have seen in Sab TV many a time as he has done many shows like Waah Waah kya Baat hai and all. Darshan Sankhala is a fabulous writer and Author too. He has written many inspirational and motivational article for many newspaper, magazine, e-portal.

It is great to see people like Darshan Sankhala who are making us proud of their excellent work in society and motivating more and more people to grow in their life.