Meet Four Inspiring Business Leaders Paving The Way In 2021

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As we enter February and 2020 has come to a close. We are moving into a new year and a new form of lifestyle dealing with the COVID-19 aftermath and all of the problems and knock-on effects that have come with this global health crisis. It has rolled over into an economic crisis with lots of businesses struggling. After the first major lockdown In July 2020, Yelp reported that 55% of its businesses that closed their doors during the pandemic had shut those doors for good.

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We have compiled a list of inspiring business leaders that we should be watching during these trying times. Now more than ever, we look towards business leaders for guidance and a view into what is working in this current environment. Below in no particular order, we have listed some fantastic entrepreneurs and business leaders we should be keeping a close eye on.

Matthew Wunderli

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Matthew Wunderli is a serial entrepreneur with a large and growing international network. The Cambridge Judge B School graduated him with a degree in Entrepreneurship. His playground is media content, analytics, and consulting. His training ground was NBCUniversal, DOMO, and Rakuten. He is currently the CEO and founder of Publisher Arts, a media science company focused on bringing content platforms into the future by streamlining analytics and processes and using predictive analytics to increase audience retention. As a charismatic leader, Matthew has opened doors for his company in Singapore, India, and the UK. A native of the US, Matthew has lived in Uruguay and France as well as the UK. When not working, you’ll find him skiing with his family or watching a rugby match. He currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dr Arnaud Dartois

Arnaud has a long-standing experience as a private equity investor for a family office and has conducted LBO in the health and sanitation business. Blockchain early adopter and tech enthusiast, Arnaud holds an engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique (X98), a PhD (2004) in Computer Science (Algebraic combinatorics) from Ecole Polytechnique and an executive certification of Data Science (2015) from Ecole Polytechnique.

Arnaud co-founded Napoleon Group with Jean-Charles Dudek and Stéphane Ifrah in 2017. Arnaud has been instrumental in Napoleon’s vision and infrastructure platform development. Created in 2017 by three complementary and visionary founders, Napoleon Group specialises in quantitative trading on digital assets. Based on several years of R&D, Napoleon’s crypto trading algorithms are available to retail investors through a SaaS crypto copy trading platform as well as to professional and assimilated investors through civil mandates and/or regulated Funds. As past financial executives, Napoleon’s founders’ conviction is that crypto-assets will emerge as a new asset class into which institutional investors will need to invest. By pioneering on this vision through the obtention of a French AIFM license (n°GP-19000015) and the launch of the first French regulated FPS (Professional Investment Fund) offering a crypto exposure to professional investors, Napoleon aims to establish themselves as the first full-range EU regulated crypto asset manager. As a 3-year-old group on this business, Napoleon already benefited at the beginning of the year, from strong traction for their state-of-the-art crypto investment solutions.

Anouk Agussol

Anouk is Founder and CEO at Unleashed, a far from your average consultancy that supports high growth startups and scaleups with all things People, Culture and Leadership. Since founding Unleashed in 2017, the Unleashed team of 9 have worked with over 80 high growth startups, scale-ups, VCs and accelerators across a huge variety of sectors, ranging from 10 to 1000 people in the UK & Europe - but this is now becoming global with more remote working becoming the norm. Their mission is to gear up businesses for speedy, sustainable and successful scaling. Unleashed is an exciting business and with Anouk at the helm, we want to be watching which businesses they back in 2021.

Robin Tucker

Rob Tucker is the founder and CEO of Meta Data Systems, a cutting-edge software company in the Media and Entertainment market. Rob founded Meta in 2018 after a period of time providing consulting services to leading film studios & broadcasters across Europe & USA, including BBC, Sky, FOX, ESPN and more. The last decade has seen exponential growth in the amount of data entertainment companies need to hold against entertainment titles (movies & tv shows), and through Rob's consulting work he observed that the industry was relying on outdated technology to support this growth, which was unsustainable.

He set up Meta with this mission of solving this global issue and assembled a team to build an advanced application that holds content catalogues and title metadata to meet the current and future needs of the market. The Meta application further integrates into leading industry AI services to facilitate the automated enrichment of content records with millions of keywords and attributes. Within 6 months of launch Meta secured WarnerMedia International as its first marquee client, helping to deliver Warner content to over 240 TV Channels, 18 Direct-to-Consumer Applications, over 3,500 Video-on-Demand Partners & Affiliates and supporting the upcoming international launch of HBO Max International. Over the last 2 years, Meta has won additional blue-chip clients including MGM, EPIX, Global Eagle, Envoi and more.

At the end of 2020, Meta received a coveted IABM BAM Award for it's innovative and transformational approach to solving the issues involved in localising entertainment - the Judging Chair of the awards described the technology as “A clear example of a real-world problem solved effectively by the correct use of technology. The impact of a system like this is immense – and impressive.”