Meet Daniel Gonzalez, an expert guide on real estate issues

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Meet Daniel Gonzalez, an expert guide on real estate issues
Meet Daniel Gonzalez, an expert guide on real estate issues

02 Oct 2020: Meet Daniel Gonzalez, an expert guide on real estate issues

When it comes to real estate, people often reach a dead end as they are not aware of the procedures and legalities involved.

However, Daniel Gonzalez has been successfully guiding people in the real estate sphere since the last 5 years.

Born in Paterson, New Jersey and raised in a lower-middle class family, Gonzalez dreamed of running a successful business from an early age.

Experience: Construction gigs helped him understand real estate industry

Soon, he began to work in construction gigs where he learned all the profitable benefits that come with real estate investments and contracting.

After years in construction, Gonzalez built a strong foundation that entails the complexity of what it takes to buy, rebuild, and resell properties.

He also uses the knowledge gained from his experiences as a young investor to inspire like-minded individuals.

Awareness: "Real estate comprises a host of other practices"

People are often clueless about the real estate market, since these real-life scenarios are never taught in any schools. This is why Gonzalez wants to educate others about running "their real estate transactions smoothly."

He says, "Real estate is not only about buying, selling and renting, but it comprises a host of other practices, like keeping a high credit score for a loan."

His company: 'Danny Builds Homes' works toward making real estate process easy

His company Danny Builds Homes offers services like educating people about mortgage, selecting a knowledgeable agent, and finding an attorney for the closing.

Gonzalez helps his clients decide a reasonable budget for their own construction projects, and finds effective ways to cut costs, thereby, profiting the most when selling.

To date, he has helped hordes of people through seminars and face-to-face knowledge sharing.

Podcasts: Gonzalez participates in many real estate podcasts as well

Gonzalez has participated in podcasts with contractors, real estate agents, and mortgage brokers in an effort to educate them.

The knowledge these people gain from participating in his seminars and these podcasts are applied to projects they work on. He also volunteers his time in schools.

You can learn more about him through his website ( or follow him on Instagram (DannyBuildsHomes).

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