Meet this child prodigy! 14-year-old boy makes solar powered bike

Avneet, a 14-year-old boy from Haryana's Rewari has garnered attention from all across the country by making a solar powered bike. The bike can be charged directly from the sunlight with its attached solar panels and is also equipped with sleep alarm, which buzzes off if the person falls asleep while driving. Avneet was promised a sum of Rs. 51,000 by the state's Education Minister Rambilas Sharma in the year 2015, but as of now he has not received the promised amount. When asked about his next plan, Avneet said that he wanted to build a solar car which would be the cheaper than the Tata Nano car. The young innovator's invention can play a vital role in developing other vehicles which will help in reducing the menace of pollution in the country.