Meet Award-Winning Travel Couple Blogger of India, Vishu Saumya Blogging at RoadtoTaste and Inspiring Millions With Their Beautiful Travel Stories

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There's nothing like the open road and its limitless possibilities are particularly alluring while traveling especially with your loved one. Award-Winning Travel Couple Blogger and social media influencers Vishu and Saumya are creating versatile content with their travel stories.

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'RoadtoTaste' and 'Vishusaumya' is not a common name on social media; it's the journey of a couple who have lived every moment of their life together beautifully post getting married. A story which is inspiring all the couples out there who are looking for inspiration on how to live a life together, travel together having the best time in life. Vishu and Saumya are famous personalities awarded in the Indian travel bloggers community and are currently residing in the US. They got featured on popular platforms like TravelXP TV, CNN, The Hindu, TOI, and many more.

The story of togetherness

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The love story started from their college days as both were in the same engineering college. 2012 was a life-changing year for both of them as they often met in different cities in India due to their passion for travel. This made them discover their love for travel and helped in understanding the value of each other. With the companionship built over years of friendship and love, they decided to tie the knot and got married on January 25th, 2015.

*Road to Taste - the journey begins*

Passion for traveling, trying yummy food, watching movies together, and planning road trips often became the crux of their life. After getting married both Vishu and Saumya decided to take at least 1 trip a month along with managing their full-time jobs. Thus, within 1 year they managed to cover destinations like Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, Rann of Kutch, Diu, and a road trip to Ladakh. They traveled 4 countries and over 16 cities within the first year of their marriage. After traveling so many destinations together they started their blog and named it ’Road to Taste'. Vishu and Saumya started their travel journey by traveling through India. Photography being a way of life for Saumya and Vishu enjoyed writing which made it a perfect combination for a couple travel bloggers. As they were traveling more and learning more they decided it was the right time for them to start sharing these stories with the world. So, they decided to start their blog where they share destination guides, stories of places, culture, and people through RoadtoTaste on April 10th, 2016 which is Vishu's birthday too.

As a couple travel bloggers, they are encouraging others with their journeys too. Their mantra is to make luxury travel affordable for everyone. They share complete destination guides, itineraries, and tips on how to plan and save big on your travel plans in their blog posts on RoadtoTaste. Their travel stories are full of romance set in multiple cities, beautiful locations, and luxurious hotels. People love their 'VishuSaumya' feed on Instagram as it looks like a perfect travel lover bucket list. Within the span of 4 years they have traveled to countries like Indonesia, Australia, Bhutan, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom etc. and now are currently based in New York in the United States.

*On Pause Mode, due to Pandemic:

Vishu and Saumya landed in the United States just before the world got hit by the pandemic. However, it did give them a breather for a week and they visited Lake Placid on their first weekend in New York. As all of us are locked indoors, Vishu and Saumya are busy settling in their new house and follow the guidelines for keeping themselves safe. They are just waiting for the situation to improve before they start exploring many more destinations in this new land. Keep following one of the lively and best couple travel bloggers of India who are an inspiration for many, VishuSaumya blogging at RoadtoTaste.