Meet Aniket and Akash: India's youngest digital marketers

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Meet Aniket and Akash: India
Meet Aniket and Akash: India

27 Jan 2021: Meet Aniket and Akash: India's youngest digital marketers

When Aniket Ghate (23) and Akash Patil (26) met on Facebook, they had no idea that within a few years they would have written their names with flying colors in the digital marketing field.

With digital marketing taking over the business plans of people, this duo has reached great heights in the marketing industry with their creative minds and digital marketing skills.

Background: Who are these young digital marketers?

Hailing from different regions of Maharashtra, this duo met on Facebook in 2013 and started their journey as small business entrepreneurs.

They began without any money, capital, knowledge, and experience, but now they have their registered website and enjoy more than a million followers.

Their website is checked by many for its content and the duo's out-of-the-box thinking.

Knowledge: They taught themselves skills required to excel in the industry

Being from different educational backgrounds, both of them admired social media. They began by gaining knowledge of the industry by learning about marketing, social media, blogging, brand management, search engine optimization, and other marketing strategies.

And now, when they have achieved their goal that started as an idea, they have appointed more people to expand their arena.

Inspiration: The duo's story serves as an inspiration for several youths

By employing more than 25 people, they have created separate departments for content writing, social media marketing, and website development to increase the efficiency of their business.

Their story of hard work and building their future with somebody whom they don't know personally is an inspiration for several youths who are looking forward to building their career in social media and digital marketing.

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