Meet the Americans who remember every minute details of their lives!

London, June 21 (ANI): For most of us, it can be a struggle to remember what we did yesterday but there is a remarkable group of just 20 Americans, including Taxi actress Marilu Henner, who remember every detail of their life - with no effort at all.

They are so far the only people in the world to have been told they have the astonishing ability, known as "superior autobiographical memory", but doctors still have more to test.

Faced with a barrage of dates, they correctly told researchers everything from what day of the week it was to what historical event happened - and even what the weather was like.

Dr James McGaugh, a professor of neurobiology at the University of California Irvine, first discovered the incredible phenomenon.

"These people remember things that you and I couldn't possibly remember," the Daily Mail quoted McGaugh as telling CBS.

"They can do with their memories what you and I can do about yesterday but, they can do it every day," added McGaugh.

The six people are Jill Price, Brad Williams a radio news anchor from Wisconsin, Rick Baron from Cleveland, TV producer Bob Petrella, 37-year-old violinist Louise Owen, and the last of the six to be identified was Henner.

McGaugh has yet to work out what's behind their incredible memories.e told CBS: "when I ask, '"what goes on in your brain? What goes on in your mind?' they give the very unsatisfying response, "I just see it. It's just there"." (ANI)