Meet Adi Spiegelman – the Tel Aviv tennis player who has made her name in the modelling world

It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to be consistent, especially when you are in the field of sports. A large investment also plays a key role if you want to become an athlete in Israel. Adi Spiegelman from Tel Aviv dreamt of becoming a tennis player since her childhood. In order to finance herself for training and travel across the globe, she also started working as a model. In the nick of time, her modelling career was on the rise and she left everyone surprised by getting featured in the popular newspapers like VOGUE Italy, VT Girl Fashion magazine, Institute magazine, NORD magazine among others. She has also acted in films and series.

Throwing light on her tennis career, her breakthrough was winning the European Championship whose aim was the promotion of peace – Israel Vs Iraq. Her tennis journey began at a very early age and she has been a part of several tennis competitions in Acre and has travelled to several places of the world alone. She said, “It gave me a lot of values like maturity, independence, ability to manage on my own, know new languages and be accomplished in everything I wanted to be."

However, she made a big jump in modelling where she became a household name. As soon as she completes her military service in the IDF, the 20-year old plans to bounce back on the court again. In the Israel championships, she was a rookie but she strongly believes that military service is something she always wanted to do and make a name for herself.

After fashion, she will get back into tennis and she aims to reach the peak of her career in the next 4 years when she would be 24. "I'm hyperactive and I love working all day. Modelling is something that has taken over me, but I don't know how much longer it will really last”, she said.