Meet Aashita Relan, the queen of Cantonese cuisine in Delhi

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Meet Aashita Relan, the queen of Cantonese cuisine in Delhi

Relan wants people to eat ‘real’ Chinese food.

Aashita Relan always “had a lot of passion for food and enjoyed going to different sorts of restaurants abroad.” It was her dream to create a restaurant of “international standards” in India, and that’s what she accomplished with the launch of Royal China.

The idea for the Delhi-based restaurant, which serves Cantonese cuisine, came from her travels outside India.

The daughter of Ajay and Mala Relan, owners of Sharda Motors Ltd., says, “Growing up, Chinese was one of my favourite cuisines in London. It was just meant to be! When I started Royal China, there was no one in Delhi serving authentic Chinese food. I wanted to educate people about the fact that Manchurian isn’t Chinese food, and momos are an Indian creation while dimsums are the real Chinese deal.”

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Educating people about authentic Chinese food was Relan’s biggest problem in launching Royal China. “People were used to extra gravy, which wasn’t the real thing,” she says. “Authentic Chinese food has its own flavours and does not need to be disguised with thick gravy.”

Relan did her graduation from University of Warwick in the UK and did her post graduate in Hotel Management from Les Roche in Switzerland, and has plenty of technical knowledge about the food industry.

“I think it’s a great industry to be in,” she says, “as long as you are passionate about food. It’s a lot of hard work, much more than other industries. So only if you are seriously passionate about food can you be successful in this industry.”

Keeping up with the changing tastes of the customers is also an important facet of the food industry. “Our motto is to serve authentic Chinese food but also keep in mind the constantly evolving and emerging trends and taste from around the world,” she says.

While educating people about authentic Chinese food remains her top priority in the years ahead, Relan reveals that her restaurant, which she established at the age of 24, has now ventured into outdoor catering as well.

Here’s hoping that Relan has plenty of success on her Cantonese journey.