Meet 17-Year-Old Rapper Jakkah

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Brooklyn-born rapper Jakkah is a young and hungry artist on the rise. He started writing music at 12 years old, and since then he’s gotten co-signs from big names in the music industry (including DJ Enuff, DJ Drewski, and King Combs), a billboard in Times Square, and numerous blog placements. He says his main motivators are spreading energy through music and being able to support his family.

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The things people talk about most when it comes to Jakkah are his versatility and his work ethic. From drill to pop punk, he can pull off any genre under the sun, and he’s constantly working on new projects. Sometimes even multiple albums at once. He’s only 3 albums deep into his musical career, but before the albums, he dropped singles twice a week with an accompanying mixtape every six months. The reason he’s able to make so much music in a short time period is because he records, mixes, and masters every song he makes. That’s how he’s been working since 2017, when he was just 14 years old.

His latest musical effort, a 15-track album entitled “JUJU” was his take on the Brooklyn drill genre of hip-hop that’s been making waves these past few years. He credits Pop Smoke as his main inspiration: “I first heard about Pop Smoke at a show. Somebody was playing “Welcome to the Party” and it sounded like something I’ve never heard before. The beat was unique and the sound was dark. Ever since then, I’ve been a listener.” Jakkah recorded his first drill track (Big Facts (feat. @NewJookzCity), track 12 on JUJU) in January of 2020.
Jakkah has a bright future ahead of him. Watch it unfold by following is Instagram (@jakkaah) and hear about it by listening to his new music. Stay tuned for his upcoming project “JUJU 2” and his untitled R&B and pop punk albums.

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