Medical Staff Risks Lives to Take Covid Patients to Hospital Cutting through 45-cm Snow in Himachal

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It is only in the most desperate times that one comes across the most heroic people.

In a recent incident, an ambulance pilot and an emergency medical technician have proved that not all heroes wear capes after they transferred two critical Covid- 19 patients from snow-bound Lahaul valley to Ner Chowk medical hospital in Mandi on Monday, November 16.

A report in the Times of India mentions that the ambulance staff — pilot Manoj and emergency medical technician Jay Lalita – risked their own lives in order to transfer the two critical patients.

The duo pulled off a herculean task. The real difficulty in the entire process was cutting through 30 to 45 cm thick snow. The Manali-Atal Tunnel-Keylong highway was blocked entirely after heavy snowfall.

The series of events started after doctors reported two critical coronavirus cases in Keylong. The two patients had to be shifted to a medical hospital at Ner Chowk at the earliest. The task of shifting had to be carried out by a 108 national ambulance service. The ambulance, as well known, is not designed to run on a surface that is covered with a thick layer of snow. Manoj and Jay also had to push the vehicle on the snow as they did not have any other option. During the commute, the ambulance pilot had to use a snow chain. This was done so that the tyres could get a grip on the ice and snow.

Ashish Sharma, 108 ambulance service in-charge, lauded the efforts of both ambulance pilot Manoj and emergency medical technician Jay. He told the Times of India, "Pilot knew that the task was very dangerous. When the staff was told about the condition of the patients, they didn’t ask any questions. It took a lot of effort for them to reach Solang valley. Pilot told me that he had to put the vehicle into its full power to negotiate the Dhundi area."