Medical Marijuana for Insomnia: Can You Use Cannabis To Ease Chronic Pain and Sleep Problems?

Tania Tarafdar

Marijuana is becoming ever more available and more and more people have started to swear by its healing powers. But cannabis has always been a controversial topic. It is not only filled with hundreds of different cannabinoids and chemical compounds, but the plant's non-psychoactive ingredient is touted for its healing health benefits. Cannabis has been known to induce a state of relaxation or drowsiness, but a new study has claimed that marijuana may not be that beneficial in dealing with sleep problems.

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Can Medical Marijuana Actually Help Induce Sleep?

Yes, medical marijuana can help achieve better sleep in people with chronic pain, but the effect may not be permanent. The study found that cannabis helped chronic pain sufferers through the night, but soon the patients developed tolerance and negated the therapeutic effects. The study also found that pot users were less likely to wake up at night, but there was no difference between users and non-users in the time that took them to sleep. Consumption of Marijuana by Parents Influences Child's Substance Use Habits

Are There Any Side Effects Of Using Medical Marijuana For Inducing Sleep?

Marijuana was found to have other negative side effects associated with sleep. Frequent use of marijuana was associated with greater difficulty in falling asleep. But the study could not prove the cause, so researchers assumed that regular use of pot might be an indicator that these people were in a lot of pain or were depressed. Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana: From Anxiety to Seizures, 5 Problems Cannabis Can Help You Fight

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Cannabis use can become addictive, and it can hurt your mental health, especially in people who may be susceptible to anxiety and other mental health problems. And as taking cannabis is not a natural way to induce sleep, it can lead to a dependency on the drug. Can You Get Lung Cancer From Smoking Weed? Everything You Need To Know About the Effect of Marijuana on Lungs

Instead of taking resort to marijuana, maintain a consistent sleeping time that can help you get to sleep. If you have difficulty getting shut eye, ensure that your room is dark and quiet when you are trying to catch on some sleep. Exercise regularly and also ensure that you eat your large meal at least two hours before you hit the sack. Also, ensure that you avoid caffeine close to the bedtime.