Meat shops in Gurgaon to remain shut every Tuesday, Municipal Corporation House decides

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Chandigarh, Mar 19 (PTI) Meat shops falling under the Gurgaon Municipal Corporation's jurisdiction will remain shut every Tuesday as proposal to this effect was passed by the MC House.

BJP councillor Subhash Singla said on Friday that the proposal was passed by the Gurgaon Municipal Corporation on Thursday.

He said there was a provision to close meat shops on any day of the week and during the meeting he suggested that Tuesday should be selected as many people do not consume meat on that day and thus it would suit the shops selling meat.

Singla asserted that Tuesday was not suggested because of religious sentiments of anyone.

'Initially, I said it could be closed on Sunday, Monday or any other day. When it was agreed that meat shops should be closed on one day, I then stressed that it should be closed on Tuesday as meat consumption is already less on that day because of beliefs of some people. Tuesday was not selected because of religious sentiments of any community,' he said.

The BJP councillor said the MC House, in which the BJP enjoys a majority, also approved proposals to double the licence fee for meat shops from Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000.

Besides, he said the penalty for running such shops illegally would be increased to 10 times from Rs 500 to Rs 5,000.

He said that 129 meat shops were licensed in the Gurgaon MC area. PTI SUN VSD KJ