MEA introduces helpline in Chandigarh after 30,000 brides cheated in name of marriage by NRI grooms

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MEA introduces helpline in Chandigarh after 30,000 brides cheated in name of marriage by NRI grooms

Ministry of External Affairs will suspend the passports of accused grooms

Thousands of Punjab ,Haryana and Chandigarh married women will finally see a glimmer of hope to get justice as the Ministry of External Affairs has introduced a helpline for brides who are cheated in the named marriage by NRI men.

The regional passport office Chandigarh has announced a landline helpline number (0172 2971 918) which can be used between 10 AM to 5 PM to contact the volunteers and passport officials to seek help.

According to the Regional Passport Officer Sibash Kabiraj, the victim will be required to attach a copy of the FIR ,court case documents and the summons issued by the police department against the accused grooms with their application to initiate the process to get his passport suspended besides the deportation.

"The documents submitted by the victim will be sent for police verification and then the passport of the accused groom will be suspended. The concerned high commission will be informed about the cancellation which will deport the accused back to the country," says Sibash Kabiraj, who has already cancelled seven search passports.

According to Kaviraj. there are nearly 30,000 victim brides in the region who were allegedly cheated by their grooms in the name of marriage. They tied the nuptial knot, pocketed the money as dowry and never returned back. These brides continue to wait for their husbands and now want to take action against them for having spoiled their life.

While most of such victims are living with their parents, the accused grooms solemnised illegal marriages in the foreign countries.

More than 11,000 such cases have been reported in nearly two dozen districts of Haryana and Punjab beside Chandigarh. Five to six such victims are themselves assisting the Regional Passport Office officials as volunteers .

Meanwhile, the regional passport officer Kabiraj also told India Today that the Ministry of External Affairs has launched a passport application which will enable the passport seekers to get appointments by using the Android mobile phone.

He also said that the verification process to get a passport has also been simplified and the role of police in verification of the character and antecedents of the applicant has also been minimised. Now, the police will not go to the door steps of the applicant to verify his whereabouts. It will only provide information about the criminal records.

The change in verification norms will not only end the corruption and save the applicants from the corrupt police officials and greedy agents but will also speed up the passport application process.

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