Mcdonald's Outlet in US is Offering $50 Just to Show up for a Job Interview

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An outlet of the global food chain, McDonald’s in Tampa, Florida is amassing a lot of recognition online and rightly so. In one of a kind initiative, the outlet is offering $50 to interviewees for just turning up at the outlet irrespective of the result.

A photo of the outlet’s hoarding was uploaded on Twitter by a man named Dan Nunn which called for individuals,both male and female, for an interview with each interviewee getting $50 just for appearing.McDonald’s come as the world’s largest fast-food chain with a presence in over 100 countries and a total number of 37,855 outlets. The chain was founded 80 years ago in 1940 and serves 69 million global customers on a daily basis.

Post the COVID-19 induced lockdown in the United States of America, companies of all kinds are resuming with a lot of advantages provided for the workers that include unemployment advantages. In spite of that, businesses are struggling to employ skilled professionals

Another major reason that is discouraging individuals in the US to show up for a job is the fear of coronavirus, particularly for daily wage labourers. It is also being speculated that businesses may revise the salaries to attract more employees, as mentioned

The caption of the tweeted image read, ”Regular checking at how the labour market is at now.” While businesses have been resorting to unique tactics off-late to attract skilled workers, offering free money to individuals just for appearing in the interview is an entirely new initiative.

The initiative to offer free money was first leveraged by Blake Casper, the owner of another McDonald’s franchise. According to Casper’s thought, the tactic didn’t yield encouraging results for him as both the state and federal government in the US will continue with the unemployment and that is motivating individuals to not work now.

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