MCD polls: Yogendra Yadav's Swaraj India presents its vision for a greener Delhi

The Yogendra Yadav-led Swaraj India released a 'green manifesto' for the upcoming MCD polls, promising to work toward removing garbage, pollution and diseases like dengue and malaria.

Swaraj India announced a 'green manifesto' on Friday with party president Yogendra Yadav - who broke away from AAP in 2015 -saying that his party will keep Delhi's 'environment' as its main poll plank for the MCD election.

Yadav said that the party's slogan is 'Saaf Dil, Saaf Dilli' and they will work towards removing "garbage, pollution and diseases like Dengue and Malaria which assume epidemic-like proportions in the city every year."

Not badmouthing any other party, the party focused on presenting its ideas to implement in the Capital. Senior party leader Avik Saha said, "If we come to power, MCD will run a 'Two Bin One Bag' scheme for every house, shop, office and stall."

"Recyclable material like paper, plastic, glass, etc. will be kept in the 'One Bag.' Organic and green waste will be handled in the 'Green Bin' for compost making. And dirt, soil and medical waste will be deposited in the 'Red Bin,'" he explained.


He said that party would make sure that MCD garbage vans come daily to each and every basti and colony and do door-to-door collections in separate and segregated bins. Dhalavs will have segregated zones for dry garbage, wet garbage and construction debris, he added.

Swaraj India also promised that garbage lifters and segregators are treated humanely. Saha said, "Sanitation workers will receive gloves, masks and tools. Temporary and permanent workers will have wage parity and their salaries shall be paid in time every month."

"For a pollution-free Delhi, main streets and lanes will be swept at night and washed so they are not dusty. Restrictions will be imposed on builders to curb dust pollution. Plus, fines will be slapped on burning plastic and leaves anywhere," the manifesto read.

MCD under them will also construct new multi-storied parking lots to decrease traffic jams, Yadav added.

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