MCD Elections 2017: Arvind Kejriwal responds to ‘Modi’ chants in AAP rally, says would chant Prime Minister’s name if it helps reducing power tariffs

Sohit Mishra
"Pehle chhote Modi (Nirav Modi) ko bhaga diya, ab bill laa rahe ho (First you let Nirav Modi flee the country, now you are bringing the bill)." It was the Congress party which had called Nirav Modi, accused of cheating PNB to the tune of Rs 4886.72 crore, a "chhota Modi".

New Delhi, Apr 2: Ahead of the upcoming Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections 2017, campaigning for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), party chief Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday was greeted with ‘Modi’ chants by a group of men in Ghonda area of northeast Delhi and Gautam Vihar Chowk in south. However, the Delhi Chief Minister’s response to the chanting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s name earned him huge applause among the masses present in the rally.

Responding to the men who tried to protest in the rally with Modi chants, Arvind Kejriwal said that chanting PM Modi’s name will not help in reducing the power tariffs or abolishing house tax.

“If doing so results in the abolition of house tax, then I would chant ‘Modi, Modi’. Did PM Modi reduce your power tariffs? If power tariffs reduce by chanting ‘Modi, Modi’, then I would do so,” the Chief Minister said further adding that “Chanting ‘Modi, Modi’ would not satiate hunger. Few people have turned mad.”

Considered as a triangular battle between the AAP, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress, the MCD elections 2017 is an important test for AAP. After emerging second in Punjab Assembly elections and failing to open its account in Goa, the AAP is trying to gain back the confidence of the masses and the party is aggressively campaigning for the MCD Elections. (Also Read: AAP to spread Arvind Kejriwal’s clean Delhi message via projectors)

In the rally held on Saturday, Arvind Kejriwal reminded voters about the AAP government’s decision of reducing the power tariff in Delhi by half, reforms in the health and education sector and providing 20,000 litres of water free of cost per month. Appealing voters to vote for AAP, Kejriwal said “Where did we get the money? We did one thing, we ended corruption. We have saved Rs 350 crore from the construction of five flyovers in the last two years.”

The party chief also promised that if voted to power, AAP will make Delhi clean within a year and will also resolve all the issues of the non-payment of the salaries of the corporation workers. Polling for the three corporations of Delhi is scheduled to be held on April 23 and the results for the same will be declared on April 26.