McCain threatens government 'shut down'

Indo Asian News Service

Washington, March 30 (IANS) Republican Senator John McCain said that he will do whatever it takes to make sure that military spending is increased even if that means shutting down the government, a media report said.

The Arizona Senator told CNN on Wednesday that he would not vote for a continuing resolution (CR), a funding bill that maintains the previous spending levels.

When asked how far he would go, McCain said he only had one vote, but that he would not rule out a shutdown.

"If that's the only option. I will not vote for a CR no matter what the consequences because passing a CR destroys the ability of the military to defend this nation, and it puts the lives of the men and women in the military at risk," McCain said, adding "I can't do that to them."

McCain's comments come as leaders are making a serious effort to negotiate the remaining appropriations bills for Fiscal Year 2017 that would likely include some of the new military spending that McCain is pushing for.

Congress has to come to an agreement before the government runs out of money April 28, the CNN report said.

McCain has long been an advocate for increased military spending and has voted for continuing resolutions in the past, but this time, McCain said he "just won't do it" and that the military would be set back by another CR.