MBA student uses unique dance style to create awareness about road safety in Indore

Indore (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Nov 18 (ANI): An MBA student in Indore has been managing the traffic on the roads with her innovative dance moves.

Shubhi Jain, a student of Symbiosis Institue, Pune, has come up with a unique way to increase traffic awareness among people.

Speaking to ANI, Jain said: "I have been doing this voluntary activity for the traffic police for the last 15 days. When people turn back and smile at you, it automatically inspires you to do more."

"Nowadays, people come up to me and inform me that they are wearing seatbelts and helmets," she added.

Jain further stated that despite suffering an ankle injury while playing a basketball match, she was undeterred to do something for the country.

Umakant Chaudhary, DSP, Indore Traffic, said: "We are running the Vision 2022 in Indore, in which we have taken the help of several volunteers from different schools and institutes and trained them for six months."

Speaking on the innovative style of Jain, Chaudhary stated that many people are liking this new style and it is also inspiring other volunteers to come up with new ways to spread awareness on road safety.

A frequent traveller on the roads, Kunal Jawar, also came out in support of the move.

"It is a very innovative way to get the attention of the people. I believe that if youngsters teach the elders about road safety, it is bound to have a bigger impact on the public," Jawar said. (ANI)