Mayweather takes 25 gorgeous women home after getting drink on with Abbie Holborn...and Jermain Defoe!

Sayantan Maitra


If you're in a party with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, expect the experience to be next level stuff! England striker Jermain Defoe must be saying just that now that he has been part of an amazing night with Mayweather....and his share of busty women.

The retired boxer was in Newcastle's Livello Nightclub this weekend for a party with his 'friends.' Simply put, a legendary party for a legendary personality who has a LOT of money.

Move over Defoe, can we now? The star attraction of the night apart from Mayweather was the drop-dead hot Abbie Holborn, who stars in season 14 of the British TV series Geordie Shore.

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The party was no doubt rave and everything sexy, but the best part happened following the nightclub affair. It was time for money to be splashed by the billionaire Mayweather, and out came his inner beast. The 40-year-old took home as many as 25 busty women to his hotel room soon after, reports The Sun, and what happened next...well, is best left to imagination.

"He was sat in his car waiting for security to take him in to the restaurant and he saw Abbie and her mates and immediately took a shine to her," a source present on the night, told the British tabloid.

"Abbie has only just joined Geordie Shore so it's not like Floyd has watched a few episodes and decided he wants to befriend a British reality star – this was a genuine attraction. He told his entourage to invite her for dinner and make sure she was in the VIP area with him all night – and she was delighted to accept the invite.

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"But it seems that while she's survived plenty of rounds in her time, she got out drunk by Floyd and was later Snapchatting alone in bed that she was hammered."

As for Defoe, he went back home, sans any eye candy.

The video:

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Btw, THIS is Abbie Holborn:

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