Mayor demands salute from policemen, urges DGP to issue order

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Thiruvananthapuram, July 2 (PTI): A Municipal Corporation Mayor in Kerala has approached the state police chief with a unique demand - honorary salute from the lawmen.

The Thrissur Mayor M K Varghese on Friday said he has sent a letter to the police chief Anil Kant recently urging him to issue a special order asking the police personnel on duty to salute him as a mark of respect to his position.

In a letter to the DGP, Varghese claimed that as per the protocol norms, Mayor is the third person in rank after the Governor and Chief Minister in the Corporation limit.

'But, unfortunately, nobody is showing any respect to Mayors. While others in power positions are respected, the presence of Mayors is ignored in majority of occasions,' he told a TV channel.

He further said he was insulted on many occasionsafter ignored by policemen especially while travelling to various places as part of COVID prevention programmes recently.

Stating that he was expecting an order from the police chief asking his subordinates to give honorary salutes to Mayors, Varghese said his fight was not just for him but also for all his counterparts.

'There is no need to respect Varghese as an individual.

But respect should be shown to the position-Mayor,' he added.

The DGP has reportedly handed over the Mayor's complaint to the Range DIG here asking to take appropriate action.

Police sources here, however, explained that the Mayor should be saluted only during the programmes being held within the Corporation limit, as per rules.

Meanwhile, Kerala Police Officers' Association (KPOA) made it clear that the State protocol manual clearly stated that who should be saluted and on which occasions.

'But, such things are only for government programmes.

Giving salute is a custom which the police personnel are viewing with great value. It can be given to only those who are legally eligible,' C R Biju, general secretary, KPOA, said in a Facebook post. It is not something to be given to everyone who wants it, he added. PTI LGK NVG NVG

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