Mayawati to BJP: Scrap CAA, enact new law with consent of all

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Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati. (Express Photo by Vishal Srivastav/File)

BSP chief Mayawati on Wednesday urged the Centre to withdraw the amended citizenship law (CAA) and sought consensus to enact a new one, saying there has been an unprecedented opposition to the CAA leading to chaos in the country. She also hit out at the BJP and Congress, calling them “two sides of the same coin”.

Addressing a press conference here on her 64th birthday, Mayawati said: “On CAA-NRC that affects all the 130 crore people of our country just like demonetisation, the BJP government should have brought in (the new law) only after widespread consent... They neither called an all-party meeting, nor did they send the matter to the parliamentary standing committee for a discussion. Only because of the Centre’s stubbornness, the CAA appears to be discriminatory and unconstitutional; and even after several attempts by the BJP, people have so many misconceptions...”

“It is not true that Muslims are not oppressed by their government in our neighbouring countries, especially in Pakistan. Anyone can be a victim of persecution... They should take it back and enact a new law with everyone’s consent. This is our demand,” she said.

“Our party does not indulge in dirty politics on the basis of lies... on the foundation day of the Congress last month, it was said that barring the Congress, other opposition parties in UP are not raising their voice...when the Union Cabinet approved the Citizenship Amendment Bill, I was the first to register a protest. At that time, the Congress and most other parties were silent on it...”