Max Hospital in Dehradun reports another black fungus case

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Dehradun, May 15 (PTI) An elderly man who had recovered from the novel coronavirus infection was detected with the deadly black fungus infection or mucormycosis at Max Hospital here.

Doctors had to remove the infected eye of the 60-year-old patient earlier this week, hospital authorities said on Saturday.

He had recovered from COVID-19 late last month, they said.

There have been three cases of post-COVID black fungus infection at the hospital. The first two cases were reported in January and February this year.

All three patients had to undergo surgeries, they said.

Chief Medical Superintendent of the hospital Rahul Prasad said people with diabetes and weak immunity are vulnerable to the infection which first affects the eyes and can be fatal if it spreads to other parts of the body.

COVID-19 patients who have co-morbidities like diabetes need to be very careful even after recovery to keep mucormycosis at bay, Prasad said.


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