Matthew Petitto is only new to Twitch but has always relied on it

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As an 18 year old from New York Staten Island and only joining the Twitch platform for two weeks, Matthew Petitto is already verified. With the streaming service available around the world, Matthew gets a consistent 500 viewers per stream and he is already known for his funny impressions and small discussion between playing the game.

Although there are many things that Twitch can provide, being able to have a streaming service with everything, Matthew took advantage of this when he could. He talked about always using and watching Twitch and he says it helped him out when he was going through a hard time. Now that he has gained a large following on other social media platforms, he has decided to take it to Twitch.

There is a wide variety of audience on the streaming service as it is applicable to anyone of any age. Someone he looks up to and has watched in the past, is Twitch streamer Nick Mercs. Matthew says they have a lot in common as they both workout a lot and both stream. There is a lot that goes into Twitch streaming and it can give individuals a different look on life.

While people are focused on the game that they are streaming, there is also a lifestyle aspect in it as well. While there is room for discussing the game being played, there are also times for individuals to talk about things that they might be currently doing in their life, or things that they are passionate about. Nick Mercs discusses his workouts as well as what he enjoys doing during the day. While Matthew Petitto looks to have funny moments during his streams. Make sure to take a look at Matthew Petitto’s next new stream and follow him on Instagram:

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