Matthew Perry Thinks the Joker Copied Chandler Bing's Iconic Dance Moves in 'Friends'

If there's one thing Joaquin Phoenix's 'Joker' has given us, its fodder for memes to keep us going for years, at the very least. For instance, one of the key scenes in the film, where Phoenix seems to be breaking into a jig as he walks down a flight of stairs has become iconic to the extent that fans have been flocking to the location and doing their own version of Arthur Fleck's jig.

But if you're an ardent FRIENDS fan, you'll know that Chandler Bing did it first. And Matthew Perry is pretty sure that the Joker copied his moves.

In the show, Chandler would occasionally break into a dance (if it can even be called that) which can only be called goofy and awkward. And as a collage tweeted by Perry shows, the moves are eerily similar! Check it out:

Perry clarified that he did not make the collage, but thanked whoever did:

And the resemblance was too much for FRIENDS and Joker fans to take in: