How Matthew Johnson Uprooted His Life and Became an International Best-Selling Author

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Coaching and Personal Development:

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In 2019, Matthew Johnson had the guts to take one of the biggest risks and follow his heart with the faith that everything would work out in his favor. At 28 years old and within the span of a year he made almost every major life decision that someone his age would make. He was just like anyone else. He went to college, got a degree, and got a good job. Matthew was in the medical field as an X-ray/MRI technologist for 7+ years. He says, “I had a great job making around 6-figures a year but ultimately I was no longer happy or fulfilled with what I was doing. So one day I mustered up the courage and made a decision which was to walk away from it all. Most people would say I am crazy to walk away from something like that. I uprooted everything and just decided to go after my goals and I've never looked back since.” Matthew continues, “I was meant to be a coach and make a bigger impact on people. Not many people can say they just left what they knew, that job security and just go after their goals. I literally didn't know where my next paycheck was going to come from.” Matthew felt the security to take this risk because his dreams and business were something he believed in and knew he had to do. “Following this line of work that I was extremely passionate about led me to create multiple coaching programs and I self-published a journal within the span of a year.” Matthew Johnson's motivation for starting his own business was when he saw the significant impact having a mentor, investing in himself, and his mindset made in his life.

Matthew Johnson has always known that he wanted to share what helped him on his journey of starting his own business with others that are going through the same things. He wants to help teach people how to become the best version of themselves, remove limiting beliefs, go after their goals and dreams so that they can live the life they have always wanted on their own terms. Matthew says, “I had limiting beliefs myself. I’ve always had goals and dreams but would always allow those limiting beliefs to prevent and stop me from pursuing them. You know it’s like that little voice in the back of your head that says you can't do something, or why even bother if someone else is doing it, or it's too hard.” He continues, “I realized that it was those limiting beliefs that were ultimately holding me back and once I decided to change them it unlocked a world of possibilities.” One of the aspects that motivated Matthew even further to keep sharing his experiences and what he has learned through them is seeing the positive effects that what he was learning and sharing with friends and family members had on both his life and theirs. “When you learn what you are truly capable of doing, you truly are limitless. I just wanted to help people realize their potential, stop playing small and achieve their goals.”

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When being asked how important mindset is when starting a business, Matthew Johnson replied that mindset is everything and will ultimately determine whether you succeed or fail in whatever you choose to do. “This is why it is so important to invest in yourself, have a mentor to hold you accountable and walk you through the process step by step helping you achieve your goals.” Matthew’s advice for people looking to start their own business is to “Do what you want.

Do what makes you happy. Focus on doing what you love. Set big goals and dream big. You are only one decision away from a better life. The only person that is stopping you is you.”

One of the difficult aspects of owning your own business is having an advantage over your competitors. To Matthew Johnson, there is no such thing as competition with others. He says the only competition he has is with himself. Matthew works hard everyday toward being better than he was yesterday. He is constantly looking for ways to improve what he does and provide more value to others. Matthew Johnson works hard to leave a strong and positive impression on every single person he meets. One of his mentors said it best, “Professionals create, amateurs compete.” These are words Matthew lives by and focuses on himself while trying to reach and impact more people.

Fear is a factor in any business venture, especially starting your own company, but it is Matthew Johnson’s perception of fear that leads to his success. Matthew says fear can either mean Face Everything And Rise or Fear Everything And Run. “Fear is caused by ignorance, not knowing and it shows up when we decide to do something new. Fear is going after something we want to do, be or have that we currently don't.” The reason we fear these things is because we have never done them before and it symbolizes the unknown. Most people allow fear to stop them before they even get started, however fear is something we set up in our own minds. Matthew Johnson believes that fear confines us and limits us but when we face fear head on, it leaves us . Matthew personally experiences fear of the unknown all the time and he is constantly trying to better himself and improve. However, he has switched his mentality to now view fear as a sign that he is doing the right thing. Fear means you as an individual are growing and venturing into areas that you may have never experienced before.

On the contrary, when being asked what success means to Matthew Johnson he replied with success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. To expand further, that means that success isn't necessarily achieving the goal, it's the process of making the decision to go after something and then working tirelessly towards its fulfillment. Matthew Johnson says “You can only be successful as long as you are making progress towards a goal you want to achieve. It's about progressively moving forward in any and all areas of your life. Reaching the goal and then setting a bigger and better goal to hit and moving toward it.” It is important to recognize that no matter what the goal is, it is different for each and every one of us.

One important thing to note about Matthew’s story is that he is no different than anyone else, we all have the potential to be, or have anything we want, he just so happens to be acting on it. Matthew Johnson says “My goal is to help as many people as possible realize this, get out of their own way and rewire their mind for success. If we truly did what we were capable of doing we would all be amazed.”

As for what's next for , he is very excited to have recently released his new Matthew Johnson book, co-authored with a great client and business partner of his, Teal. The title of the book is Take 3. Take 3 is a daily gratitude and affirmation journal aimed to offer daily guided practices of gratitude and affirmation, so people can learn the transformational power of using their own words to experience a positive shift in their mindset and self-esteem, allowing them to create significant, lasting changes in their lives. The book was released November 18, 2020 on Amazon. It quickly became an international bestseller in multiple categories and has a tremendous amount of value. Matthew and Teal, as a team, are looking to impact 1,000,000 lives helping to develop a daily gratitude practice. It is not the only book however, this is the volume one of a series Matthew and Teal are writing for all types of individuals who are struggling with the effects of a stressful lifestyle to achieve a more positive mindset and a better self-image, leading to a more enjoyable life overall.. The next two editions they are writing are for both women and kids. Matthew Johnson is also in the process of growing a YouTube channel with Teal, with the goal of reaching a wider audience and bringing them value on how to be the best version of themselves by applying the principles of gratitude and affirmations, so they can achieve better results, whether in their personal or professional lives. One additional project Matthew has taken on was getting his NASM-CPT certification with a view towards creating a holistic approach to wellness focusing on the mind, body, and spirit/sport. Matthew Johnson is very excited about his future endeavors and goals he is continuing to meet and to learn more about his business, click here.