Matt Hardy says ‘goodbye’ after WWE RAW

Matt Hardy on WWE RAW. (Source: WWE)

Last week, Randy Orton found himself unable to explain his shocking attack on Edge. This week, Matt Hardy tried to force Orton into revealing, as he said, "What in the hell is wrong with you?" But rather than help prod The Apex Predator into the confession the WWE Universe wanted, Hardy instead wandered into the same fate as The Rated-R Superstar.

Orton dropped Hardy with an RKO after a brief scrap and administered a one-man Con-Chair-To to the former Raw Tag Team Champion in an echo of his attack on Edge.

Following this segment, it does seem like Hardy’s long and storied journey with the WWE finally came to an end. The vicious attack by Orton was designed to write him off the television program, perhaps for the last time.

The veteran superstar also hinted the same on his social media account after the show went off the air.

Hardy wrote: 'Goodbye' on his Twitter account.

Meanwhile,'s Mike Johnson said: "While Matt Hardy has continued discussions with WWE, his contract is currently slated to still expire on 3/1 and there have been no changes in his status beyond that."