Matt Bomer Reveals Details About Sex Scene With Lady Gaga

Kylie Mar
Host & Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

On Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Andy Cohen couldn’t resist asking Matt Bomer about the bloody sex scene he had with Lady Gaga on American Horror Story a couple of years ago, and the Magic Mike star kissed and told some details about shooting that “sweet” scene. “What did they use as blood during your murderous sex scene with Gaga?” asked Cohen. Bomer replied, “It’s like a corn syrup mixture that’s actually very sweet and sticky. Which, if you’re playing a vampire, sweet is a good thing.”

Cohen then pressed him with some juicier questions, such as, “Were you fully naked during your foursome sex scene?” (Spoiler alert: He was not.) and Bomer shared that he was wearing a “c**k sock.” The fun questions didn’t stop there. Cohen wanted to find out whether their sex scene caused some “Bad Romance” on set, so he asked if Gaga’s then-fiancé, Taylor Kinney, was on set and if so, whether it was awkward at all. While that would’ve been an interesting story to hear from Bomer, unfortunately, Kinney was not on set that day. And while it may seem like every answer to Cohen’s lightning round of questions was anticlimactic, at least we have this — when asked to describe in one word what it’s like to kiss Gaga, Bomer replied, “Everything.”

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