Mathura-Namaz Row: Main accused Faizal Khan part of anti-CAA protests; Big twist in the case

There has been a twist in the Mathura Namaz Row, it is now reported that Faizal Khan is associated with Khudai Khidmatgar was part of the anti-CAA protests. The main accused was part of the anti-CAA protests that happened earlier this year.

The Uttar Pradesh police had registered an FIR in Mathura against two Muslim members of Khudai Khidmatgar which traces its root back to India’s freedom struggle for allegedly offering Namaz in the premises of Nanda Baba temple in the holy city of Mathura.

While probing the conduct of Faizal Khan, he stated that he was present on the premises to spread the message of peace. As per the locals and priests, he did not offer Namaz and bowed down and clicked images.