Massive scientific and community based programs launched to conserve wetlands

New Delhi (ANI) February 4, 2021: The National Mission for Clean Ganga and India Water Foundation celebrated World Wetland Day 2021, to raise awareness about conservation and rejuvenation of Wetlands. This year’s theme shines a spotlight on wetlands as a source of freshwater and encourages actions to restore them and stop their loss. Experts highlighted the interconnectedness of all water bodies and their role in maintaining each other’s Aviralta (e-flow) and Nirmalta (cleanliness).On the occasion of Wetland Day, a massive scientific and community-based program to develop Health card and management of 10 wetlands in each of the 50 plus Ganga districts was launched.Wetlands are among the most crucial sources of freshwater; they are transitional areas of land that are either temporarily or permanently covered by water. They are also among the most productive ecosystems on the planet and render many ecosystem services: improvement in the quality and quantity of surface and groundwater, protection against floods and droughts, nutrient recycling, as well as economic services such as livelihoods from fishery, livestock and forestry. They are also important biodiversity habitat.