Massive alligator found 'strolling' on golf course in Florida's Storm Eta, caught on camera

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A massive alligator was found roaming around a golf course during Storm Eta in Florida. The alligator was caught on video strolling through the Valencia Golf and Country Club in Naples as a tropical storm battered Florida's Gulf coast.

The Facebook page of Valencia Golf and Country Club posted the video alongside the caption, "Out enjoying the tropical conditions!" The video was filmed by an employee, Tyler Stolting.

Shocked social media users commented on the video of the mammoth reptile. One user pointed out that they watched the video several times to make sure that it was real and not a scene from the film Crawl.

Another user commented, "He looks bigger than the 10 footers I've seen here." One user even asked, "Is this Jurassic Park??"

Speaking to The New York Post, Stolting, the man who filmed the video said, "It was pretty big, biggest one I've ever seen!" Stolting is the first assistant golf professional at the club.

Stolting and his co-worker Jeff Jones insisted that the alligator was the real deal. He even added that it has been a while since he saw a gator that big and that he was a little shocked.

He went on to add, "I've been here a long time and I'm not surprised to see it walking across the golf course, I am a little surprised at how big it was."

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