Mass vaccination is only way to fight COVID: IMA President

Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu), May 19 (ANI): Indian Medical Association (IMA) president Dr JA Jayalal on May 19 said that mass vaccination is the only way to fight with COVID-19. Dr JA Jayalal said, Only way forward is vaccination. If we're not pushing for mass vaccination, it's not safe to face third wave that is bound to occur. The mass vaccination has to be done in a universal, affordable and accessible way. The centre must procure maximum vaccines and decentralise and even to level of door to door vaccination. We should expedite the process and within a few months we should complete our target of 60-70% vaccination. There's conflict as to when should people recovering from COVID get vaccinated. Making them wait for 6 months is a threat for them, exposing them to the virus. He further said, "Government should reconsider it with scientific evidence and come out with objective that everyone in this country should get vaccinated at the earliest. So, that we will be able to have a COVID free India in near future."

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