Maryam Nawaz slams Imran Khan for claiming he wages 'jihad' against corruption

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PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz. (File photo)
PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz. (File photo)

Lahore [Pakistan], April 5 (ANI): Pakistan opposition leader Maryam Nawaz has slammed Prime Minister Imran Khan after the latter said that he daily goes to his office to wage 'jihad' against corruption.

Taking to Twitter, Maryam said that Khan instead goes to the office to "rob the masses of their rights and break the back of the people with electricity and gas bills", reported Dawn.

"You wake up in the morning not to go for jihad (but) to rob the masses of their right. You go to snatch roti from the mouth of the poor and medicine from the ailing. You go to break the back of the people with electricity and gas bills. You go to oppress the victims. You go to get the people kidnapped in broad daylight and you call it jihad," she tweeted.

In another tweet, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader said that the prime minister had forgotten that if the state of Medina (holy city) really existed, he would have reached his 'dreadful end', while terming his theft of flour, sugar, gas and vote, price-hike and his incompetence as 'jihad'.

"There should be a fatwa (religious decree) against you for killing 22 karor (220m) people alive and terming it jihad (sic)," Maryam said in yet another tweet, Dawn reported.

Maryam also rejected Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid's statement which implied that she had sought removal of her name from the Exit Control List (ECL).

"Who had asked them to remove (my) name (from the ECL)? If they are playing a drama to forcibly send me abroad then they should listen again carefully that not only I'm going nowhere and that thinking of submitting any request to this bogus and vote-thief whom I don't accept as the prime minister, is a sin (sic)," she said.

Maryam had been summoned by NAB on March 26 on the charges that she is obstructing the investigation by not appearing, and is using tactics to give the public the impression that state institutions are inactive.

The anti-corruption body maintained that after her release on bail, she has been attacking state institutions through media and social media, and has continuously made false accusations and is engaged in anti-state propaganda.

The LHC on November 4, 2019, had granted bail to Maryam who was arrested in the Chaudhry Sugar Mills (CSM) case. (ANI)