Marvel's The Union Comic Strip Faces Backlash Over Title

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Superhero franchise Marvel has sparked mixed responses from the Scots after introducing an all-British new champion group called ‘The Union’. Debuting in a five-fragment series known as Empyre, the team will join forces with the Avengers and Fantastic Four to terminate an alien invasion, reported Daily Mail.

The squad will involve five characters who would represent different parts of UK, the report said, adding, the team will include an existing Marvel character Union Jack (an Englishman who has served with the MI5) and Snakes, who represents Northern Ireland. Wales is represented by the Choir while Kelpie is a pink-haired Scot. There is also a fifth character called Britannia.

Union Jack first appeared in 1976’s The Invaders No. 21.

The announcement of the new faction in the Marvel Universe, has, however, created some commotion due to Scottish independence supporters labelling the comic strip 'badly misjudged'.

According to the report, Paul Grist, who has written the comic book, defended the project following a tweet on social media that said, “Read a room man, no one in Scotland, is looking for pro-Union Tory superheroes.” Grist retorted saying, “That's not really the comic I'm writing,” the report added.

The creator of Spider-Man and the Avengers’s ‘The Union’, featuring art by Andrea Di Vito, will release this May digitally and in book stores.

The Union has been written by legendary British comic creator Paul Grist with art by Andrea Di Vito, and features characters designed by R.B. Silva.

According to the Marvel website, Grist expressed his excitement over writing the new series, stating, "Forty years ago, Roger Stern and John Byrne introduced a new Union Jack into the pages of CAPTAIN AMERICA! This is the comic I've been waiting 40 years to write! New heroes! New adventures! And a team that's falling apart before it's even begun!"

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