Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Modified into a Seven-Door-Limousine is Beyond Impressive

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The Maruti Suzuki Wagon R, which among the several options available, continues to be a strong player in the hatchback segment and is one of the most common cars seen on Indian roads. The company is in the works of launching a fully-electric version of the hatchback in the country soon. But in a rarest of the rare cases, the Wagon R was modified into a functional limousine in our neighbouring country — Pakistan.

According to a report, the transformed WagonR in discussion is a customised unit built and registered in Lahore. Since importing from India isn’t possible due to political tensions, Suzuki sells WagonR in Pakistan which is locally assembled there with components imported from Indonesia.

In order to achieve a whole new body style, the car as expected underwent massive changes. While the report doesn’t mention the Wagon R’s customisation work or people/team responsible behind this. However, the Wagon R limousine gets three rows of seats with the middle row consisting of rear-facing bucket seat chairs, and the last row getting forward-facing bucket seats. In total, it gets six functional doors, which means that every passenger gets their own door to get in and out.

Going by the images in the report, the middle row gets similar doors as the OEM front doors, while the third-row’s rear doors were that of the regular Wagon R. Its wheelbase has also been extended, other than that, the exterior design remains the same as the standard Wagon R sold in Pakistan.

The modified model is powered by a 660 cc three-cylinder petrol engine that is mated to an automatic transmission. The extended Wagon R is currently being offered at PKR 26 lakh (approx. 11.85 lakh).

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Among the other details available, the Wagon R is a 2015 model and comes with AC, airbags, power locks, power windows, ABS, AM/FM Radio and other hosts of features.