Maruti Suzuki Manufactures 1,500 Ventilators in 20 Days, Awaiting Government Orders to Dispatch

The Union Government, earlier this month, citing the lack of availability of enough ventilators had asked automobile manufacturers to extend support in manufacturing more ventilators. In light of the same, Maruti Suzuki has manufactured more than 1,500 units of the ventilator in around 20 days. However, in these dire times, the units have been dispatched as the company is waiting for the Government’s order.

Maruti Suzuki Chairman, R C Bhargava in an interview with NDTV said," The Govt. made a request to us that there was a critical shortage of Ventilators. HLL Lifecare (govt. enterprise) has carried out an inspection of ventilators that have been manufactured, unfortunately, they haven't been able to send us a report yet. We are still waiting for orders from them to know where these ventilators can be dispatched."

In April, the company announced a partnership with AgVa Healthcare, an existing approved manufacturer of ventilators. MSIL would work with AgVa Healthcare to rapidly scale up production of ventilators. AgVa Healthcare would be responsible for the technology, performance and related matters for all the ventilators produced and sold by them.

MSIL would use its suppliers to produce the required volume of components and use its experience and knowledge to upgrade systems for the production and quality control of the higher volumes. Any other assistance required would also be provided. MSIL would also help, to the required extent to arrange financing, and obtain all permissions and approvals required to enable the higher production. MSIL would provide these services free of cost to AgVa Healthcare.

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