Married Couple in Texas Passes Away Due to Covid-19 Complications While Holding Hands

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Covid-19 pandemic has claimed the lives of millions around the world. The deadly virus continues to disrupt the routine and health of millions of people worldwide. The lives of a married couple in Grand Prairie in North Texas was also cut short by the novel coronavirus.

Paul Blackwell and Rose Mary Blackwell were a married couple and teachers at local schools. The two got infected with coronavirus and passed away due to Covid-19 related complications, reported CBS.

The couple were receiving treatment together at the Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth. However, the Covid-19 related complications had worsened their condition and they were on ventilators. As per the report, the family was informed that Paul and Rose would not survive.

As the two were on ventilators, the family had to make the difficult decision of taking away the life support. Speaking about their tragic loss, their son Christopher Blackwell said that his parents were together in a room and holding hands when they were taken off life support. “I’ve never seen anything like that before and it’s hard to even put into words seeing that,” he said.

While Paul was a teacher at Fannin Middle School, Rose taught at Travis World Language Academy. It is unknown how the two of them caught the coronavirus. The authorities of both these institutions have provided students with counsellors after the death of their teachers due to the coronavirus.

Their family is now raising funds for their funeral and memorials.

This is not the first case of its kind where someone has lost both his/her parents to the deadly virus in the state of Texas. A 5-year-old boy named Raiden Gonzalez lost his father due to Covid-19 and a few months later, the boy’s mother also died of Covid-19 related complications.

In July 2020, a couple that had been married for 53 years also passed away in Texas within an hour due to the complications related to Covid-19.

Coronavirus has claimed over 24,000 lives in the state of Texas in the US. It seems like there will be relief for the residents and decline in the number of infections with people receiving vaccination for coronavirus.

Vaccination has now started in the state of Texas with the arrival of the initial doses on Monday. On December 15, first health care workers received the coronavirus vaccine in Austin.