Markets in Agartala packed a day before 3-day COVID-19 lockdown

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Agartala (Tripura) [India], July 26 (ANI): Markets in Agartala were packed on Sunday morning after the Tripura government declared a three-day total lockdown from 5 am on July 27, in light of the sharp rise of the COVID-19 cases in the state. Though most people were seen wearing face masks and expressed their approval for the lockdown, social distancing was not maintained in marketplaces. According to Dilip Banik, a local resident who came to shop at the market, social distancing norms were not followed and people were at risk. "The lockdown is necessary but the government should have regulated the marketplace before announcing it. Too many people have gathered here. It was inevitable for people to come out in large numbers to stock up for the next three days. The police should have been engaged to allow people to come in small numbers inside the market," Banik told ANI. On the other hand, Kanai Sarkar, a vegetable vendor in the market said that the sudden rush brought a lot of customers to the market, thus increasing sales. "We have suffered a lot in the last few months because of the lockdowns and barely had any sales. With the announcement of this lockdown, so many people have flocked to the market and business has been good. Lockdowns are necessary but we hope the government will be more mindful of the poorer section of people," she said. As per data from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the state has reported a total of 3,862 positive COVID cases, out of which 1,642 are active and 2,209 have recovered. So far, 11 lives have been claimed by the infectious virus. (ANI)