Mark Hamill says he and Carrie Fisher were 'more like siblings'

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Mark Hamill visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show and fondly remembered his close friend and Star Wars cast mate, the late Carrie Fisher. And though they played brother and sister on screen, that relationship continued offscreen. Hamill said, “Carrie, she used to drive me crazy. We were more like siblings than I really thought, because we’d have huge fights. I’d say, “You are so full of yourself and I can’t stand it. You think you are Hollywood royalty.” And she would say, “Well, you know, you are such a loser.”

But Leia and Luke couldn’t fight for too long before discovering that there was a New Hope for friendship. He said, “So, we’d have these big fights, and you wouldn’t see each other for months or years, and then you’d see each other again and remind yourself how much fun it was to be together.”

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