Mario Draghi sworn in as new Prime Minister of Italy

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Mario Draghi sworn in as new Prime Minister of Italy
Mario Draghi sworn in as new Prime Minister of Italy

13 Feb 2021: Mario Draghi sworn in as new Prime Minister of Italy

Mario Draghi has been sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Italy on Saturday after forming a national unity government tasked to help the country tackle and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic-induced crisis and economic slump.

Draghi, a former European Central Bank chief, was appointed officially by Italian President Sergio Mattarella at a ceremony held in the presidential palace in Rome.

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Details: Draghi is the 30th Prime Minister of the Italian Republic

Draghi, who became the 30th Prime Minister of the Italian Republic, has won the support of almost every major political party of the country.

He was reportedly called in by President Mattarella unexpectedly earlier in February after the previous Giuseppe Conte-led coalition collapsed amid the latest COVID-19 wave.

Notably, Draghi is one of the most highly regarded public officials of Europe.

Parliament: Draghi will be presented before Parliament for votes of confidence

Draghi will reportedly be presented to the Senate, the upper house of Italy's bicameral Parliament, on Wednesday and to the lower house, the Chamber of Deputies, on Thursday for the necessary votes of confidence for his government.

Interestingly, the 73-year-old will have a maximum of two years to make a difference in the crisis-hit country as the next parliamentary elections will be held by 2023.

Key ministers: Key ministers in the cabinet of Draghi

Meanwhile, among the key ministers in Draghi's cabinet are Daniele Franco, the current Director-General of Bank of Italy, who has been named the new Economy Minister.

Also, former Vodafone Group CEO, Vittorio Colao, has been appointed the Innovation and Technology Minister. Further, a former president of Italy's Constitutional Court, Marta Cartabia, has been named the new Italian Justice Minister.

Ministers: Several ministers from the outgoing government to keep their posts

On the other hand, several ministers from the outgoing Conte-led government would also keep their posts.

While Luigi Di Maio of the Five Star Movement would remain the Foreign Minister, the non-affiliated Luciana Lamorgese will continue in the post of the Interior Minister.

Also, the current Health Minister Roberto Speranza would keep his post.

Challenges: The new Italian Prime Minister faces enormous challenges

Draghi faces various challenges as he starts work on trying to bring Italy out of the health and economic crises as it is hit by the worst downturn since World War II.

He'll be tasked with helping the country recover from the coronavirus pandemic and devise plans for efficiently spending over €200 billion in European Union (EU) funds aimed at rebuilding the Italian economy.