Marine engineering student from Kerala creates world record in Martial arts

Kochi, Oct 29 (ANI): Midhun Jith, a marine engineering student made his way to the Guinness World Records for maximum number of kicks on one leg. Standing on one leg he accomplished the feat in time duration of one and three minutes. The 22-year-old student kicked over 310 times in the one-minute round and over 630 kicks in the three-minute performance. A large number of onlookers were present to witness this achievement and cheered Jith . "A few years ago, a Spanish expert Fabian had attempted the record for 129 kicks and after ten years, when I searched on You Tube I found that no one had broken the same record. So that was my whole motivation to break his record. Some one like Shiju Shetri and Ahmed Hussain had already broken it, but I still tried and wanted to do it at any cost. I had never expected to do 310 kicks in a minute," said Jith. The new world record holder toiled for years to win the coveted title. Jith received his black belt in Karate when he had just stepped into his teens. According to the rules, technically, one leg should be firmly rooted on the ground. The kicks with the other leg are directed at spiralling pads. A player is disqualified if both legs are in the air at any point of time or if the leg is changed. Jith has also won several national titles in karate at the state and national levels and is also an expert in Judo, Taekwondo and wrestling. (ANI)

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